Here’s What Reciprocal Manager Will Do for You

Reciprocal Manager is a script — a program that runs on your web site — that has one simple function: it makes exchanging links a lot easier and increases targeted traffic.

It’s simple to install — just follow the simple step-by-step instructions and you will have your system up and running in minutes. I promise.

The software never goes out of date. Reciprocal Manager comes with unlimited free updates and an unlimited domain license (meaning RM can be installed on any site you own, at no extra cost — no matter how many domains you have!).

5 Incredible Ways That Reciprocal Manager Makes Your Life Easy, Saves You Time, and Makes You More Money

  • RM will help increase a website’s search engine rankings by building true Link Popularity.

  • Targeted Traffic to your web site means more sales — and more income.

  • Several built-in profit streams such as selling paid sponsor links, adding searchfeed listings to directory pages, and adding affiliate power ad listings to directory pages.

  • Easily locate potential link partners from within the admin’s “Search For Links” section. Save hours of research by letting Reciprocal Manager do the work for you!

  • Get extra free exposure for your own site with RSS feeds — your link will be shown whereever the feed is syndicated… possibly across hundreds of other web sites. No other linking software offers this advantage.

How And Why Your New “Traffic Robot”
Makes Your Life So Much Easier

Reciprocal Manager has the power to handle virtually unlimited links and link partner data. Your links just keep growing.
undefined Easy Installation – be up and running in as little as 15 minutes! You will receive detailed step-by-step installation instructions and information on how to setup and use Reciprocal Manager. You can be up and running in no time!
undefined Reciprocal Manager plays nice with Google. RM will create search engine-friendly static HTML pages to give you a professional-looking, neatly-organized reciprocal links directory that your link partners and visitors will appreciate!
undefined Looks like your own site. Easily integrate the look of your current website design into your reciprocal links directory.
undefined Manage sister sites. This powerful feature lets you to link all of your own link directories together… so when a user submits their link to one of your directories, they can optionally choose to submit their link to any of your other directories at the same time. This will be a HUGE time-saver for them and can result in more link partners for you!
undefined Lightning-fast Easy Search for New Partners. Reciprocal Manager allows you to easily search for other sites to possibly exchange links with from your admin area! All you do is enter a search word or phrase, hit the search button and potential link partner sites are located!
undefined Instant Plug-In Reveneue Generators. Make money with your reciprocal links directory using SearchFeed and Affiliate Power Ads. Enter your affiliate ID numbers in your admin area and you’re ready to earn additional income! Not a member of either? Don’t worry, you’ll be able to join for free from within your admin!
undefined Completely Customizable. You can add unlimited categories and sub-categories so no matter how big or small you want your reciprocal links directory to be, Reciprocal Manager will fit your needs!
undefined Easily Fits Your Page Design Specs. The number of category columns can easily be set in your admin area. Regardless if your web pages are narrow or wide, your reciprocal links directory will be able to fit into your current website design!
undefined Add and Remove Categories Easily. Easily add, edit and delete link categories and sub-categories from your admin area. This gives you the flexibility of having links about virtually any topic in your reciprocal links directory!
undefined You can optionally choose to enter and show category descriptions in your directory.
undefined Easily set how many links are shown per page in each category of your directory. This is a great feature that helps you make sure your reciprocal links directory pages are not too cluttered!
undefined Easily add meta content and description tags to each category page for better search engine optimization!
undefined You can choose to have your directory pages created in either .html, .htm or .php. This allows you to seamlessly integrate your links directory into your existing website!
undefined Allow visitors to add their link immediately to your links directory or you can manually approve all submissions. This gives you the option of being more selective, approving only websites YOU want to or the option of allowing anyone to submit their link to your directory making it fully automated!
undefined Make any link a “Featured Link Partner”. This lets you showcase special link partners, your other websites, affiliate links, etc. Maybe you can even charge for these spots…
undefined You can set whether to allow only text link submissions, banner/image link submissions or a combination of the two!
undefined When a visitor tries to submit their link to your links directory, Reciprocal Manager will automatically “spider” the Reciprocal URL the visitor provides to check if your link is on their website or not. If not, they cannot submit their link. This saves you a lot of time because when a user submits their link information, you KNOW your link will be on their website!
undefined Reciprocal Manager will check to make sure the reciprocal URL the user provides is actually on the same domain they are submitting (optional – set in your admin).
undefined Ensure that search engines will see your link. Optionally set it so Reciprocal Manager checks to make sure the search engines and real people will be able to see your link!
undefined Automatic form-filling. When someone else who is using Reciprocal Manager version 4 or higher wants to submit their link to your directory, all they need to do is enter the URL to their directory and the form will automatically be fill-in for them. This will save them and you a lot of time when exchanging links with other RM members!
undefined You will have full admin functions to add, edit, check, and delete links from your directory. This gives you COMPLETE control of your reciprocal links directory!
undefined Toggle link-checking. When you add a link to your directory from the admin area, you have the option to have Reciprocal Manager not check for a reciprocal link. This comes in very handy if you want to add just a few affiliate links to your directory!
undefined Duplicate link checking prevents users from submitting their link more than once to your directory. Keeps your directory from getting “spammed”.
undefined You can optionally have Reciprocal Manager check if a site is using a robots.txt file or NOINDEX/NOFOLLOW meta tags. These will prevent the pages of your potential links partners site from being indexed by search engines. Knowing a site is using either one of these will help weed out sites that may not be beneficial to you!
undefined You can also optionally have Reciprocal Manager check to see if your potential link partner has added your link text to their site exactly as you want them to. This is excellent if you’re looking to gain higher search engine rankings for certain search terms which are contained within your link text!
undefined Reciprocal Manager can be set to check for JavaScript redirection cheating. This is useful to ensure that the link partner’s URL does not employ JavaScript redirection to attempt to fool link validators. Basically, some people will use JavaScript to make it seem like your link is on their site when it really is not. Reciprocal Manager will help prevent that from happening to you!
undefined Easily add your reciprocal link details in your admin area and they will automatically appear on your user link info submission page. This way, your potential link partners know exactly how you want your link info displayed!
undefined There is scheduled and immediate checking to make sure your link is on your link partners website. Not only will Reciprocal Manager ensure your link is on your link partners website when they first submit their link info, it will periodically check their reciprocal URL to ensure your link is still there! If not, Reciprocal Manager will send them a “Link Status” email. This minimizes the hassle of having to constantly monitor if your link partner is keeping their end of the bargain!
undefined Automatically temporarily remove non-linking websites from your directory. After non-reciprocating link partners receive a “Link Status” email, their link will be temporarily disabled and put in a “Disabled Links” section in your admin area. This section will allow you to easily review the non-reciprocating link partners information and decide whether to either enable the link, delete the link, or send another reminder email (link status email) to the link partner!
undefined You can view all pending link requests as well as all current link partners from your directory. Save time by not having to figure out who just submitted a link request and who’s currently a link exchange partner! Pending link requests and current link exchange partners are neatly displayed in their own sections for easy, convenient viewing!
undefined Link partners can easily modify the link they submit to your links directory through their personal link editing URL. This will save you a lot of time because if a link partner needs to edit their link info for any reason, they can do it themselves! It’s also a great way for your reciprocal link partners to keep you up to date on their website information and email address.
undefined Display links by alphabetical order, oldest links first or newest links first. This allows you to reward those link partners you’ve had a long-standing link partnership with by displaying their links first!
undefined Easily view your link partners information in your admin area either all at once or by specific category, keeping everything very organized for you!
undefined Find any current link partners information easily with the admin area search function. You can search for any link partner in your directory by name, email address, URL, website title, website description or any combination of the five!
undefined You can set up Reciprocal Manager to disable or delete links not linking back after a certain amount of days or if the user’s website is found to be not working (optional – cron jobs required for this feature). This saves you time from having to manually keep track!
undefined Display the total number of links in your directory on your links directory home page (optional and set in your admin). It’s o.k. to brag :o)
undefined Show the world how popular your link partners websites are by showing their Alexa rankings in your directory with their link info (optional and set in your admin).
undefined You will receive immediate email notification of new link submissions (if you manually approve links). This way, you won’t have to constantly check your admin area wondering if someone submitted a link!
undefined You have the option of making users validate their email address or not. This helps ensure that you have the proper information for your link partners just in case you need to contact them for any reason.
undefined Modify any or all of the many email templates from your admin area or easily create your own!
undefined Easily email webmasters about the status of their link if it is either approved or declined. Once you decide if you’re going to approve or decline a link exchange request, simply click on one button and the script will automatically send out an email with your pre-configured email message! No need for you to constantly re-type the same messages over and over.
undefined Easily request a reciprocal link from other webmasters. Whenever you manually add a link to your directory through your admin area, you will have the option of sending a reciprocal link request email to the webmaster of that website. This comes in VERY handy when you want to initiate a link exchange with another website!
undefined You can send a reciprocal link exchange request to all potential link partners at once. This is very useful if you have one reciprocal links directory, download the links and restore them in a new directory. This will make trading links with the same sites a lot quicker and easier!
undefined You can setup Reciprocal Manager to send a “Reciprocal Link Request Reminder” email to either all or any number of sites you sent a link exchange request to, but they have yet to link back. This email will be sent automatically after a set number of days set by you in your admin (optional – cron jobs required for this feature).
undefined In your admin area there will be an “Email History” section which will allow you to easily keep track of who got what email and when they got it!
undefined With the mailing list feature you can easily keep in touch with your reciprocal link partners. You can email all of your link partners or only those link partners within a particular category!
undefined The directory search feature lets your users search for websites within your reciprocal links directory! This can give your link partners extra free traffic and your users will appreciate the useful resources you’re providing for them giving your site that “sticky” effect!
undefined Easily modify various template texts and variables from within your admin area to suit your preferences.
undefined Easily add additional form fields in the user link submission form (such as Phone number, Address, etc.) and make the fields optional or mandatory. This allows you to collect information specific to your business needs!
undefined Backup reciprocal links directory data.  This will help you prevent any loss of link data!
undefined Restore reciprocal links directory data. With the restore feature you can simply upload your backup data file. This is extremely useful if you plan on having a reciprocal links directory on all of your websites. You just upload all links and categories at once instead of adding them one by one again.
undefined Forget your admin area login info? No problem! Click on the “Admin Password Retrieval” button and your admin area login info will immediately be emailed to your admin email address!