“Improve Your Search Engine Rankings, Grow Your Link Popularity, and FLOOD Your Site With Free, Targeted Traffic — With Little Effort, and WITHOUT Spending Piles of Money…”


Former U.S. Marine uses his ability to “improvise, adapt, and overcome” to uncover the secrets, and win the search engine and site traffic battle – steamrolling past the competition, claiming the top search engine rankings, and enjoying the benefits of lots of free, targeted traffic.

From: Kevin L. Ocasio
Saturday, 2:43 p.m.

Dear Fellow Entrepreneur,

I was not accustomed to failure.

After all, before starting my online business, I had made it through the grueling training at Parris Island, South Carolina. I had survive the rigors of boot camp, and become a United States Marine.


Anyone who knows a Marine knows that he does not accept failure as an option. I mean, anyone who could run 10 miles with a fully loaded pack on their back ought to be able to figure out how to succeed with an online business, right?

Yet, somehow I was failing anyway.

I Had To Figure Out The Answer – FAST

This was unacceptable.

I decided that the time had come to get serious, to dig deep, and to figure out once and for all what I was missing.

In 2003 I learned about a strategy for exchanging links with other web sites that I thought just might bring my site some really good traffic.

Even though this wasn’t really something new — I had heard of “linking strategies” before — I had discovered some nuances in getting reciprocal links that I thought might actually work. And they did.

I started to see the traffic to my site grow — and grow fast.

The Problem Of Too Much Success!

My success, however, brought some challenges of its own. I found that it was very difficult to manage my link exchanges, and that keeping all of the information organized was a huge hassle.

Sometimes I would forget to check in with a link partner, and discover that my links had been removed – or worse, they had never been posted! In some cases, I was being cheated out of my links.

I needed to figure out a way to get my linking campaigns organized, scheduled, and maintained — a way that was simple and easy to use. That’s how the idea for my Reciprocal Manager software was born…

Within a few months of the completion of my software project, all of my sites were at least Google PR5, with my main site — KevinOcasio.com — being a PR6.

Guess what? When the traffic starts going up, so does your income.

You Need Traffic If You Want Your Business to Survive

If you’ve been doing business online for any length of time, you know that there’s really only one secret to success: lots of targeted traffic. You need people visiting your site, who are interested in what you have to offer.

The problem is it’s harder these days than ever before to get that targeted traffic. Maybe you’ve tried some of the costly and time-consuming methods of generating traffic to your site.

Maybe you’ve bought one of those thousand-dollar “home-study courses” on how to build your site traffic. Or maybe you paid for one of those “e-mail blasts” – you know, the ones that offer to “send your message to a million people”?

Perhaps you’ve thrown thousands of dollars away on Google Adwords and Overture campaigns. Maybe you’ve tried one of those FFA sites, or tried operating your own discussion forum, or tried setting up a blog… if you’re anything like I was, you’ve probably tried it all.

The One True Method for Building Tons of Free Traffic

Look, there’s really only one guaranteed way to build lots of free traffic to your web site.  Google knows what that guaranteed way is – it’s what they base their search technology on.

Nobody knows exactly what Google’s algorithm is for its search engine rankings.

What we do know is that a key component to Google’s decision about where to rank your site is: the number of other sites that link back to yours.

But how do you get other sites to link to yours? Good question…

There are a whole lot of software packages that claim to do this for you – create lots and lots of links back to your site.

But they are mostly junk. We’ll get to that.

Why All Other Link Management Tools Fail Miserably

Exchanging links with other websites (also known as reciprocal linking) is by far the most cost effective form of online advertising… it’s absolutely free!

Reciprocal linking is the #1 strategy I personally use to not only increase my website’s search engine rankings and link popularity, but also to receive free targeted traffic from the search engines and from the websites I exchange links with.

But there are definite downsides to reciprocal linking…

  • First, there’s the incredibly tedious nature of constantly updating and uploading your reciprocal links pages. Who has time to do this?

  • You have to make sure your link partners actually set up a link to your site.  Once you have dozens — or even hundreds — of link partners, this becomes a very difficult task.

  • Then, you have to monitor whether your link partners are still linking back to you or not (sometimes, believe it or not, people will give you a link just to get one from you… and then, when you’re “not looking”, take your link down!).

  • And you have to search through ALL of the links on your reciprocal links pages when only one of them needs to be modified.

Your time is way too valuable to be wasting on chores like this, am I right?

That’s exactly why I developed Reciprocal Manager — to make reciprocal linking a lot easier, and less time-consuming!

The Reciprocal Manager will create a neat, search-engine-friendly directory that will display all of your link partners by category.

The Reciprocal Manager will also make sure your link partners are linking back to you, will allow you to easily find, modify and remove any of the reciprocal links within your directory and a whole lot more!

What Was Once a Chore Will Now Become a Joy

  • Have you thought about starting a reciprocal linking campaign and thought it would be too difficult to manage?

  • Are you currently running a reciprocal links campaign that seems to be more trouble than it’s worth?

  • Are you frustrated by having to manually keep track of which link partners are still linking back to you or not?

  • Are you currently paying too much for a reciprocal linking management service?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, wait until you see this…