Choosing A Construction Accident Attorney

Construction accidents can cause terrible injuries which need medical treatment. If you have been part of a construction accident through no fault of your own, it is possible to make a claim. If you are in Long Island then contact the expert. The claim should be handled by an attorney as there are some legal components that make these cases difficult to process. Choosing the right attorney is key to ensuring you receive the compensation that you should.

Ask For Recommendations

Recommendations are the best place to start looking for a good attorney. Asking friends and family is a good start; however, they may not have used an attorney specializing in these claims. If they have not used an attorney, they may know someone who has, and they could give you a recommendation.

When using a recommendation from personal contacts, you should ask why they are recommending the attorney. You should also ask them why they would not recommend someone. If you do not have a personal network that can help, you can look online.

There are some websites which list attorneys along with reviews and ratings. Checking online reviews allows you to see if the attorney is good at what they do or if there are problems that often occur. Of course, online reviews need to be treated with care as the former client may not have liked the ruling and is now using the attorney as a scapegoat.

Short List Attorneys

Making a short list of attorneys that you feel could help you is a good idea. This ensures that you are taking the time to find the right attorney for your case and not simply using the first one you come across. The short list should have at most five attorneys that you will contact.

To create your short list, you need to look at the types of compensation the attorney will help you with. Some attorneys will seek compensation for pain and suffering while others will look to cover costs of medical treatments related to the accident. The attorneys you want to should cover a range of compensation claims.

Contacting The Attorney

Once you have your shortlist, you need to start contacting the attorney. At this point, you are not going to be booking an appointment, but you are going to be asking further questions. These questions will help you compare the attorneys and choose the one that is right for you.

The first point you have to consider when contacting the attorney is how you can do this. Do you have to call them, email them or see them in person? There are many attorneys that now have live chat facilities where you can ask the questions you have. The contact method should be one that is comfortable for you.

The first question you should ask the attorney is what types of construction accidents they take on. Some attorneys will specialize in iron worker injuries while others may take on electrician injuries. You need to ensure that the attorney has experience in your type of construction accident injury.

If the attorney deals with a range of different types of accident cases, you should ask what percentage are similar to your case. It is important that you find an attorney that has experience in your claim area. This is due to the legal obligations they will face when putting your claim forward.

Another question to ask is what their fee structure is. Most attorneys will take a percentage of the settlement or judgment should the case reach court. If you do not win the case, you should find out what the costs will be as you may have to cover this. There are also some construction accident attorneys who offer a no win no fee service much like personal injury lawyers.

An important question t ask that you might not think about is the number of cases they have settled outside of court. Attorneys who regularly settle cases before they go before a judge may have a reputation which negatively affects negotiations. While you may not want the case to go to court, you need to have an attorney who would be able to handle this.

Making An Appointment

After contacting your short list, you need to compare them and decide on one to hire. When you compare the attorneys, you should consider not only the fees but also their experience. Once you have chosen someone you need to book an appointment. Many attorneys offer free consultations so that they can assess the case.

If you are unable to get an appointment at short notice, you should not be discouraged. A good attorney will be busy, and they may not have the time to see all their potential clients right away. Of course, if the appointment can only be made far in the future you might want to consider your second choice.